There are unique laws in South Carolina dealing with divorce that differ from other states. In South Carolina there are five grounds for divorce: separation of the spouses for at least one year (the “no-fault divorce”), adultery, physical cruelty, habitual drunkenness (alcohol or narcotic drugs) and desertion. The proof needed to allow the court to grant a divorce on one of these five reasons depends on your circumstances. At Sturkie Law we understand how devastating a divorce or separation can be no matter what the circumstances are.

We help clients resolve their divorce concerns, addressing issues such as finances, property settlements agreements, child support, custody and visitation. When it is possible, we encourage our clients to resolve their divorce matters outside of court; however, when that is not feasible, we aggressively represent our clients in court.

While it is an emotional time for everyone, having the right legal representation can make the process less stressful. We have practiced family law in Florence, SC for more than a decade. We use our dedication and experience with South Carolina family law to resolve your divorce or separation with empathy and compassion.