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Family Law Attorney in Florence, SC

At Sturkie Law we offer the quality, dependable, and honest representation you deserve in handling your divorce, child custody, visitation, child support or adoption case.

Family Court Mediator

Mediation is mandatory in every contested Family Court Case in the state of South Carolina. Mrs. Sturkie is an experienced Certified Family Court Mediator……..


There are unique laws in South Carolina dealing with divorce that differ from other states. In South Carolina there are five grounds for divorce……..

Child Custody

South Carolina law has no presumption favoring mothers over fathers or fathers over mothers in child custody cases……..

Guardian Ad Litem

By offering Guardian Ad Litem services in private custody cases, Sturkie Law advocates for the child’s best interests……..

Spousal Support

There are many considerations when seeking spousal support. We can help you fully protect your assets and your rights……..


As an adoptive parent herself Michele Dahl Sturkie knows the adoption process first-hand……..

Family Law

Michele Dahl Sturkie

For more than 15 years Michele Dahl Sturkie has been a dedicated attorney specializing in family law including divorce, child custody, visitation, child support and adoptions. Michele is dedicated to her clients needs, using empathy and compassion Michelle advocates tirelessly for her clients.


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Michele Dahl Sturkie

Family Law Attorney / Certified Family Court Mediator

At Sturkie Law we ARE family law. Located in Florence, South Carolina, family law is the only law we practice- because we believe that family matters even during the most challenging times. We focus solely on family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, adoption and equitable division.

When facing the challenge of dissolving a marriage, sorting out child custody, visitation and support having the right attorney makes all the difference to ensure your parental rights are maintained. We understand how emotional draining divorce and child custody decisions can be, we advocate for you with compassion and understanding.

If you are adding a family member through the process of adoption, your attorney needs to be aware of all aspects of adoption law to be certain that your new child is secure in their new family. Adopting a child is a wonderful experience, but we also know their can be many highs and lows while waiting for finalization. Our experience with adoptions allows us to negotiate with empathy and an understanding of both your family and the law.

At Sturkie Law we offer the quality, dependable, and honest representation you deserve. We advocate for you and dedicate our time to making certain that your understand your rights and all of the procedures. Having practiced in the Florence, South Carolina area for more than fourteen years, we can provide you with the supportive representation you need and deserve.